Farmers enjoying price boom

Local markets for agricultural products have not been favourable over this weekend and a couple of weeks ago. If it is the season of shortage, prices have also enjoyed their hike, as consumers gnash their teeth in anguish.

Prices of some items such as tomatoes, onions, passion fruits, and greens particularly our Nakati have gone up by about five hundred shillings compared to what they were last week.

But with this remarkable shortage, traders are enjoying the price boom as price tags for most items go up. This situation spells doom for consumers, who should brace up for difficult moments ahead.


From UShs: 3000/- last week, the asking price for a measure (read katasa) of tomatoes is now at Ushs: 5000/-. Says one trader, “The season for tomatoes is coming to an end.”

For passion fruits, ten passions instead of the usual fourteen are going for Ushs: 1000/-, meaning that for every three buys, the trader is making one thousand shillings more.

Although increments like these are expected, the quality of some products such as tomatoes, eggplants, green pepper etc is appalling. Most market products are yielding to the dry spell although the Metrological Department in Entebbe forecasts heavy rains in a couple of weeks.

Another factor influencing prices is the cost of fuel. Transporters have hiked their fares thus leaving farmers with no option but extend the burden to consumers.

With the much needed rains on the horizon, consumers have to wait for a while before the situation stabilises.

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