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Why every company should have a corporate blog

August 30, 2007

While many companies are still getting used to the idea of having any kind of Web presence, forward-thinking companies are looking to blogs as simple, self-sustaining Web sites. If you’re not thinking about how to use blogs in your business, you’re missing a big opportunity.

So whats a blog?

A blog is an online log or journal. It’s like a website, but you can update it instantly and dynamically. Other people can post comments on your blog – if you want them to. You can post images, music, and videos, too.

What’s more?

Blogs require almost no technical knowledge or programming skills to set up and manage .
They can be hosted free of charge… and there is practically no maintenance required.

Corporate blogs as communications channels, can impact on almost every aspect of your business in a number of ways:

First and foremost, blogs are a direct channel of communication from the company to your customers,partners and vendors. They are the only channel of this kind that is cost-effective. This alone is reason enough to have blog.

A company can use a blog to enhance customer relations by opening up lines of communication with its customers. Companies can print the URL for their blog on business cards, receipts, brochures with messages that encourage them to visit the company’s blog.

Blogs can also be used to establish market leadership. A blog can act as a leading voice simply because it clearly focuses on your company.
So if you have good content that can market your company to prospective customers, then it is possible to become known in your niche at a relatively faster rate.

Corporate blogs can help create dialogue that make your company engage its customers,patners,suplliers and employees in the innovation of a new product lines. Ideas generated can be followed and taken up by the company .

Blogs can be a great asset when it comes to product design as it is believed that when a customer gets involved in designing a product then sales will much more likely be higher than when a company designs the product solely.

Blogs can help a company to learn especially through opinions expressed in daily conversations. Online interactions lead to further discussions and debate. A companys can derive lessons and learn something new along the way. This is cheap qualitative research!

People always want to know how to improve something in their lives; corporate blogs can be used to teach customers how to use products or services. Technical issues can be answered as well, Inform of a series of how-to articles that can be useful especially by your current customers.

Blogs can be useful when it comes to making announcements. Is your company exhibiting at a trade show? or your team involved in any seminars or other marketing events just put it on the blog .

Blogs can allow a widely dispersed organization to effectively coordinate its efforts by letting teams see what other teams are working on. The larger your company is, the more important this technology can be useful.

Blogs can also improve employee relations. Your employees may have news, and often, want to tell whoever cares to listen. This is a great way to boost morals at your work place,although a blogging policy should to be put in place.

So if your company has something unique to say to the world, or your business creates something of value to people then your company should have a blog.


Blogging Tips

June 20, 2007

Blogs largely help us to keep in touch and share knowledge instantly with others but if blogs are not used properly they can turn into online battle grounds and that’s not what you want of course and that’s why this post comes in handy for bloggers.

1.It is always better to stick to the subject matter as people sometimes tend to start with an idea get lost and end up somewhere different and off topic.I would rather you save that off topic and use it in your next blog or later when it becomes relevant.

2.As we are all aware, people always feel free and comfortable coming up with statistics to prove anything; i.e. 50% of all the people know this and that, but you have to really show that you are knowledgeable and show where you get your facts.

3.We all need to punctuate and this should become your friend in all blogging escapades lest you turn your blog to one that sucks like hell, so punctuate, punctuate, punctuate.

4. Accept your mistakes as you all agree no one is perfect and people sometimes tend to make mistakes along the way as they publish their opinions, so instead of being defensive accept and move on.

5.When you start to publish as a blogger you are more likely to receive insults, but it’s logical not to engage in arguments and instead ignore and move on.

6.Incase you are using images, avoid using large images as some people may not have faster broadband connections like you and are not even willing to wait for those pics to open.

7.There is always a strong temptation to confuse opinion with truth especially when discussing contentious issues and claim an impeachable authority on the subject at hand which may irritate your readers as your blog may turn into a panel instead of a discussion platform.

8.Personal attacks should not crop up in your blogs even if some one holds a different opinion about you, never try to express or urge with the author but instead do it with the post.

Just incase I missed something important feel free to share your opinion and keep blogging!